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Electrical Circuit and Measurement Laboratory

Lab Incharge:   Professor.Dr. Abdul Khaleque , EEE

Assistant Lab Incharge:   Mr. Md. Belal Hossain, Lecturer EEE


It is used for teaching basic concepts of engineering circuit analysis, as well as to illustrate and reinforce these concepts and provide hands-on experience to our students. It is equipped with AC/DC power supplies, watt-meters, voltmeters, ammeters, variable resistors, variable inductors, variable capacitors, power factor meters, LCR meter, etc. In addition, it provides facilities for undergraduate and graduate studies in the fields of measurement & instrumentation and switchgear & protection.  It is also equipped with various transducers, CTs, PTs, stroboscopes, energy meters, Wheatstone bridges, meggers, dielectric measurement equipment etc. In addition to the daily scheduled undergraduate laboratories, this lab is also used to test distribution transformers, different types of bulbs, the resistance of wires, lightning arresters, circuit breakers which are supplied from different companies to check quality.