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Electronics and Power-electronics Laboratory

Lab Incharge                    :   Professor  Dr. Muhammad Abdul Goffar Khan, EEE

Assistant Lab Incharge : Mr.  Md. Mamunur Rashid, Assistant Professor, EEE


This laboratory is used for undergraduate electronics, logic design and power electronics experiments. It is equipped with digital multi-meter, oscilloscopes, DC power supplies, function generators, digital stopwatches and breadboards. The laboratory also contains other equipments like IC testers, LCR meters, solder/de-solder stations for through whole components, and surface mount devices in addition to a wide range of electronic components. The lab is  used to conduct a wide range of experiments in electronic engineering, such as diode circuits, power supplies, analysis and design of BJT and MOSFET amplifiers, operational amplifier circuits, power amplifiers, frequency analysis, oscillator circuits, active filters, digital and timing circuits, and A/D and D/A conversion circuits. In addition, this laboratory provides facilities for undergraduate and graduate studies in the fields of microprocessors and microcontrollers and their relevant interfacing techniques. It is designed for conducting experiments on microprocessor/controller based applications in both hardware and software, using mainly machine language and assembly level programming.